Treating Spring Allergies with Acupuncture

Spring Allergies Program

Tired of the yearly torturing sneezing, nose congestion, itching eyes, sinus infections, low energy…?

Don’t wait until the whole thing starts again. Treatment will be most effective when started before the actual allergy season begins.

We can help you naturally to avoid all those uncomfortable symptoms by strengthening your immunity and energy systems.

How can we help?

Allergies are an overreaction of our natural immunity that usually occurs when our body is saturated and debilitated by external and internal toxins. To go through the blooming season without an overreaction to the pollen and other particles in the air your immune and drainage systems need to be working properly.

To help regulate our natural healthy immunity we must make sure our respiratory, digestive, nervous and drainage systems are working properly and communicating well with each other.

Our Program

Our program for allergy prevention carefully considers and studies how you are doing in those terrains, giving you the necessary tools to rebalance them where needed. We do this by combining:

  • – Initial consultation (and first acupuncture treatment) to understand well who and where you are.
  • – Acupuncture sessions to strengthen immunity.
  • – Nutritional counseling to reduce inflammation.
  • – Natural remedies protocol and herbal suggestions for symptomatic and long-term solution.
  • – Lifestyle suggestions to reduce stress and increase resilience.

To ask for information or to set up an initial visit, please contact us:

Instituto Shen Dao – Acupuntura Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 93 292 01 06
Rambla de Catalunya 111, 1r 1a – 08008 Barcelona

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    “May the many sentient beings who are sick quickly be freed from sickness, and may all the sicknesses of beings never arise again”.

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