Dee Kaplan, Los Angeles, CA – USA:

«Ferran Blasco is an intuitive healer who senses exactly what your body needs. He is extremely gifted and an expert in his field of acupuncture and energy healing. You feel his desire, and his gifts, to change illness to wellness.»


Jason Moskovitz, Los Angeles, CA – USA:

«Ferran introduced me to a world of ease, humor, and health I didn’t know existed within me. I believe a healer must listen with both their intuition and their ears, and Ferran is one of the best listeners I’ve had the pleasure of working with on my health. Knowing that we understood each other was a pleasure I had not before experienced as a patient.

Ferran took the time to teach me what Chinese Medicine is, and also outside the office, instructed me in my first Taoist meditation practices. With all these fresh perspectives and practices being handed to me it was great to know that my foundation of trust was well established with him, taking me from simply being Ferran’s patient to also being his student.»


Stella Ong, Los Angeles, CA – USA:

«I was a patient of Ferran Blasco’s from April 2004 to March 2005, at the Yo San University Clinic in Los Angeles, where I was treated for severe allergy problems.

When I first started going for acupuncture treatments, I did not do so because I was a «believer» in that practice. In fact I was skeptical. I did so because I was truly desperate for an alternative to western medicine. My allergy problems had become so severe that it started to interfere with my quality of life. I had trouble breathing when sleeping at night, (even with taking Allegra every night). The doctor prescribed nasal sprays had made the inside lining of my nose so thin that I started to have nosebleeds every week. My doctor recommended weekly allergy shots but I decided to try acupuncture first. Since going to Yo San, my condition has improved greatly.

As a patient, I found Ferran Blasco to be professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind. He is not just knowledgeable about acupuncture; he also has expertise in meditation and other ancient Chinese practices. He always strives to provide his patients with holistic solutions to their problems. And he has a wonderful personality to boot.

I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Blasco.



Peter Diamessis, Los Angeles, CA – USA:

«My problem would be to contain it to a few lines because honestly, I feel I owe you both in terms of medical improvements but also for opening my eyes to meditation and other ways of examining my inner-self, all of this in a groovey Southern European way.”



Diane Cotman, Royal Oak, Mi – USA:

“Ferran, I can never thank you enough for all the things you were and did this past year.

Sending you much love and blessings.”.


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