Post 2 – «Recognize the Now»

Posted by: Shen Dao Institute - Acupuncture Barcelona

Class: Learn to meditate «post to post»

Look around yourself, consciously… It does not matter what is happening around you, just feel that many things are occurring at this moment. Life is happening at this very moment, right now.

Keep this idea for the moment… And be aware of this feeling of “Now.”

It doesn’t matter what or how this is happening. Simply recognize the moment, the now, the place where you are.

Tell yourself «It is now«… Feel «It is now«…

Feel that space that «exists where you exist».

In a while, when you are somewhere else: Look around, consciously, again, attending to the details…

Tell yourself «It is now«… Feel «It is now«…

Several times during the day, «recognize the now»

(Keep practising until the next post. Invite your friends to do this practise)

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