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“The Tantric Way to Divine Consciousness and The Pathless Path”

May, 9 – 11 2013Barcelona


Dear friends,

It’s a great honor for us to announce the visit of the master Mark Dyczkowski.

In this series of meetings we will have the chance of receiving, from an exceptional source, the wisdom of the sacred writings (Agamas and Tantras) and the methods of tantric yoga from the masters of the Kashmiri Śaivism. We are very lucky!

Mark will present the exceptional philosophic system and practice of trikayoga trough the four methods of approximation to the divine (Upayas) to go into the essence of our divine nature.



The main topics will be:

  • * Introduction to the tantric yoga of the Trika Tantric Yoga and Kashmiri Śaivism.
  • * The Upayas: The four methods of union with Siva.

In each session we will consider the application of the teachings and how to put them into practice in our meditation practice and in our daily life.

The Way to Freedom

         Over the centuries many schools of Tantra developed in India. The earliest centred on the worship of Shiva and the Goddess, the embodiment of Shiva’s divine power. From the about the eighth century the land of Kashmir gave birth to some of the greatest Shaiva Tantric masters whose teachings, grounded in the Tantras, constitute the solid foundation of all Shaiva and Shakta Tantric teachings and practice that developed subsequently. The greatest amongst the non-dualist teachers was Abhinavagupta (c. 950-1025 AD). His genius and immense spiritual stature gave the world the most profound and extensive chart of the Tantric Path to liberation. This is the core of the teachings of the non-dualist school of Trika Shaivism, that he considered to be the most elevated and all-embracing of the Tantric traditions of his day.

Inspired by his master Shambhunatha and, basing himself on the teachings of the Malinivijayottara Tantra, he formulated a general classification of spiritual practice in three basic categories which were initially defined in that Tantra as three forms of penetration of the divine power of Shiva’s grace.

The Upayas – The means to and through the Divine

The highest and most intense penetration takes place in one who is free of all thought and mental constructs. This is the Divine Penetration by Shiva Himself through which the Yogi participates directly in the dynamism Shiva’s Divine Life. This is the sphere of oneness of our true spiritual identity. Here we work with our intentions, cultivating, with Lord Shiva’s grace, the insight that everything that takes place is impelled not by our personal desires but by the freedom of the dynamism of Shiva’s own consciousness and Being which is the core of our true spiritual nature. We attend to the thrill of being conscious using, as Rumi would say, the soul, our innermost essence and subjectivity, as the eye that sees its own divine nature in oneness with the Divine and all its creation.

The second is penetration by and into Shiva’s Power. In this sphere of penetration the Yogi does not practice externally. He is led along the inner path of the progressive purification of his thoughts until they are so totally focused on the Divine that, consumed completely by it, they merge into the perpetually self-renewing process of God’s own loving contemplation of His own infinite Being. Here we work with our understanding of ourselves, others and the world. By contemplating the teachings, we grow in the developing insight that how we experience the unity of our own subjectivity and the diversity it perceives is the same divine consciousness.

The third penetration is that of the individual soul. The previous two are the domains of the powers of the will and knowledge operating in the spheres of non-duality and unity-in-diversity, respectively. Here we work in the sphere of the duality of objectivity with and through the body, senses, mind and vital breath. This is where we practice to recognise that the power we have to act is an extension of the power consciousness has to do so. The focus here are the postures – asana – we practice no less than the Mantras we repeat, the breathing to which we attend, the meditations, visualizations, flow of Kundalini through the vital centres of the subtle body, worship and so on.

We move from one sphere of practice to the other sustained by the freedom of Lord Shiva’s grace that flows from His pure unconfined consciousness beyond all means to realization back to that same infinite ocean of His Being and unbounded love.


Mark will connect the essence of the teachings given with the sound of the sitar in an intimate concert. This is something that Mark does regularly in his house in front of the river Ganges, in Varanasi, where people from across the world go and listen to him.

Before the concert Mark will introduce us into the vocal raga chanting.

We hope that you will have the chance to benefit from this special opportunity.


“The Tantric Way to Divine Consciousness and The Pathless Path” – Theory and meditation practice.
Tursday, 9th of May: 19h00 – 21h00

“The Upayas I” – Theory and meditation practice.
Friday, 10th of May: 19h00 – 21h00

“The Upayas II” – Theory and meditation practice.
Saturday, 11th of May: 11h00 a 13h00

Lesson on Raga singing and sitar concert.
Saturday, 11th of May: 16h00 – 19h00

Mark will give his lessons in English with Spanish translation.


Events organized by: Instituto Shen Dao – Acupuntura Barcelona and Asociación Profesional de Profesores de Yoga «Asmita» (APPYA)
Contacto: – o –
Teléfono: 93 292 01 06


Minimum donation for all the teachings cycle: 70 euros
Minimum donation for individual session: 18 euros
Minum donation for the entire Saturday session: 33

Limited places – please contact us for booking



(To read full bio, click here)

Mark has a Ph.D. in Sanskrit Studies, from the University of Oxford specialized in Kashmiri Śaivism. He is a worldwide known expert in the fields of Tantra and Yogas, subjects on which he has written more than twenty books.

Mark, who has been living more than 40 years in India, is visited in his house by experts and students from all over the world which are looking for his wisdom and deep understanding of the ancient Sanskrit texts and of the process of spiritual development of the human being.

Mark has studied North Indian classical music on sitar since 1967 with renowned teachers in India and has performed concerts for more than thirty years in several countries.


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