Irene Blasco Aguasca

Acupuntura Barcelona Fertilidad Embarazo Natural Irene Blasco

Diplomate in Acupuncture (Heilpraktiker Europaischer – Barcelona)
Course on Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Aromatherapy (University of Miguel de Cervantes)

«Being a therapist is something that I practice with great devotion because it is for me a way to understand life.»

Director of Instituto Shen Dao – Acupuntura Barcelona
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English

Irene Blasco Aguasca has earned a diploma in Acupuncture – diploma certified by Heilpraktiker-Europaischer (Germany). During her studies, she took the course “Gynaecology in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)”, taught by Giovanni Maciocia, because of her great interest in fertility issues.

With the aim to extend her resources as therapist, Irene has supplemented her background in acupuncture by increasing her knowledge of Natural Medicine. She has attended the course on Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Aromatherapy (University of Miguel de Cervantes), and the course on Bach Flowers Remedies, approved by the European Reiki Association. Irene is also studying homeopathy and continues her studies in Psychology (UNED).

Irene is one of the few practitioners in Europe who uses Total Body Analysis (TBA), the diagnostic system of kinesiology developed by Dr. Reuben T. De Haan.

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    “May the many sentient beings who are sick quickly be freed from sickness, and may all the sicknesses of beings never arise again”.

    Medicine Buddha Prayer

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